Mergers and Acquisitions

Many Mergers and Acquisitions are borne out of anticipated resultant efficiency gains from combining operations. But not all Mergers and Acquisitions achieve this objective of efficiency gains.

Financial Modelling & Analysis

We help our clients to determine the economic worth of their businesses before they make any commitment. We understand that once our client commit to any investment project, they incur some sunk costs irrespective of the outcome.

Investment Appraisal and Analysis

We actively profer solutions to our clients on capital budgeting, providing them the required and full support throughout capital budgeting process and in making informed financing decisions that will ultimately maximise the economic net worth of their investment project or program.

Business Strategy Analysis and Advisory

We help our clients formulate and review their business strategy, helping them arrive at the best possible entry strategy into a new or an existing market, how to compete effectively within the market, and the best exit strategy from an already saturated market.

Delivering Business Improvement

Business improvement is the domain of business process and business system improvement. A business system is a collection of business processes that function together to deliver a benefit (output) to the end user.

Delivering Business Change

A successful delivery of business change encompasses the process of initiating, controlling, managing and implementing business change projects in a business organisation.