Delivering Business Change

A successful delivery of business change encompasses the process of initiating, controlling, managing and implementing business change projects in a business organisation. This demands understanding the impact of the proposed change; planning what needs to take place for the change to be successful; and making sure that the change becomes embedded in the organisation. This we do by playing an active role in the process of delivering business change projects listed below:


Business change projects can be triggered off by either external or internal factors. External triggers of business change are often beyond the scope of control of business change project, and include any change in the market situation to which a business organisation must anticipate and adapt to in order to still remain competitive in the market. They may result from changes in technology or a change in the taste of end users against the product of a business. On the other hand, the internal triggers of business change are firmly within the control of the scope of business change projects. Such internal triggers of business change projects may include planned expansion programmes or scheduled system upgrade.

Reacting to such business change projects often entails some changes in the capabilities and processes of the business. Such changes usually have many consequent effects and can be disruptive if they are not properly managed.

We help our clients minimise the consequent effects and disruptive impacts of such changes.


Controlling business change project essentially refers to the organisation’s ability to handle change. The need to assess the ability of a business organisation to handle change is informed by the fact that change is increasingly becoming a common feature of the market and often hold far reaching implications for the business organisation in question.

We assess the ability of the business organisation to handle business change projects in three areas. These include:

    1. The individual who is undergoing or being affected by the change;
    2. The organisation in which the individual works;
    3. The external environment in which that organisation.

What we do is to proffer how changes in the ability of the business organisation can be harnessed and channelled in order to deliver the change project successfully.


This entails a continuously need to check the strategic direction of the business organisation in reacting to changing circumstances and challenges. In order to effectively manage business change projects, we draw up outlines of how the business intends to achieve its long-term objective and what needs to be good for success.


This is the most important aspect of delivering business projects in an organisation. Implementing business change often entails overcoming resistance, objections and rejection of the desired change.

We understand that the involvement of key staff members can cascade the message and the sequence of activities as they are rolled out. We seek to identify the current attitude of staff members towards the change and make concerted efforts to overcome and win over any objections about the implementation of the change project by addressing their concerns. We also persuade key staff members to buy-in into the change in order to facilitate the implementation. We promote awareness of the change stages by the management and staff to provide a framework for everyone to discuss their problems and feelings about the change.

We understand the importance of training in improving people’s skills and competencies and for the change to be successfully embedded in the organisation. We place a great emphasis on learning, training, coaching and dealing with practical issues as they arise.

We recognise that professionalism is crucial to the successful implementation of change in an organisation, so we embrace a professional delivery of the change message to build confidence and rapport through to support the workers affected by the change and help create an open discussion, engage the audience and enable them contribute their comments and idea.

We bring our presentation and writing skills, more developed communication skills such as facilitation, negotiation, conflict resolution and problem solving, to turn the businesses of our clients around.

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