Delivering Business Improvement

Business improvement is the domain of business process and business system improvement. A business system is a collection of business processes that function together to deliver a benefit (output) to the end user. Thus, business system improvement entails the improvement of the collection of the business processes that constitutes the business system.

In improving the business processes of our clients, we employ Gap Analysis to identify the “AS IS” (current) state and define the “TO BE” (desired) state; and then carry out the necessary investigation to identify where the problems or gaps lie in the current business process and determine exactly what needs to be changed in order to arrive at the defined “TO BE” (desired) state. This entails the use of either Business Activity Modelling (BAM) technique or Business Process Modelling (BPM) technique to provide ab ideal view which is then compared with a view of the current situation.

We elicit the necessary business requirements crucial for the improvement project from the various stakeholders; analyse them, engineer or re-engineer them and implement them to deliver the desired improvement.

Our clients benefit immensely from the resultant improved business system. These benefits manifest themselves in better and improved customer relationship/ customer relationship, happier workforce, meeting set targets, increased profitability, and better corporate image.

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